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Ladies, ladies, ladies. I’m about to get real with y’all right now. I KNOW I’m guilty of this and if you say you’re not, someone’s lying! -Ahem- 😂 ANYWAY,  WE ALL KNOW when it comes to trying on jeans we gotta turn to the side and all the way around to make sure our beautiful behinds look fabulous! Being the size I am, I’ve had to work hard at the gym to make sure my legs are fit and in shape. However, there is NOTHING wrong with investing in a good pair of jeans that’ll do some of that work for you. I now introduce you to, YMI Jeans! YMI offers a lot of different apparel items but are truly known for their contemporary denim wear. The fabric and design are made to perfection and for the first time, I haven’t had to get my jeans altered to fit me perfectly (I know, this is my life).

The jeans I’m wearing in this shoot will be linked below in the deets section as always. However, I did want to briefly talk about it for a bit. YMI Jeans has a collection called ‘WannaBettaButt’ fit and it’s exactly how it sounds. Do you want a better butt?! I was a little hesitant at first because I don’t know, how can jeans really transform my butt?! But it seriously works. If you don’t believe me, look for yourself! Every girl needs a pair of these jeans in their closet. It’s the most flattering pair of jeans I own! I went with a more edgy/distressed design just because I really wanted ripped jeans but there are other designs that you should definitely check out. Trust me girls, y’all are gonna want this. Oh, one more thing- they’re on sale for under $50!!!!! SNAG YOUR PAIR NOW and treat yourself to jeans that snug you up really well all in the right areas 😏


Until next time, xo.

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