the camo tee that you need this spring

I was going through my blog posts and everything lately has been so intimate and deep so we’re going to take a day off from that and go back to regular ol’ programming with strictly outfit deets! 🙂


You all have seen this camo shirt a hundred times already and that’s because it’s so comfortable and for me, wearing camo is more exciting than a solid colored tee! Abercrombie is still having a good sale and these tees right now are only $15! I’m going to be wearing this tee all summer long so it’s $15 well spent for me. Plus, camo can go with a lot– denim shorts, white pants, overalls, you name it! I ended up pairing it with these denim shorts for a more summery vibe.

Fun fact: It was actually low 60s when I was shooting this and I was freakin’ cold! I immediately changed out of those shorts and into PJs when I got in the car, hah!

My sandals are from this cute little boutique called MarleyLilly. If you haven’t shopped there yet, it’s a super fun shop where you can get practically anything you want monogrammed!! With Mother’s Day around the corner, this might be a good place to start browsing because a lot of it is super affordable too. My pineapple sandals will be another go-to of mine for summer– I’m typically a size 7.5 but ordered it in 8 and it fit perfectly!

Anyway, today is shoot day and we’re going to be out all day finding cute, unique spots to shoot some campaigns (and casual stuff) for you guys. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are actually coming in town tonight and so we’ll be spending a lot of time with them this weekend, can’t wait to take them around LA! 🙂 I hope you all have a lovely Thursday and if you have any questions at all, leave a comment on this post!! Chat soon, loves!



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