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Officially Married & Got My Save The Dates!

Save the date cards: Wedding Paper Divas (c/o) | Envelopes: Wedding Paper Divas (c/o)

Oh myyyyy gosh you guysssss!! It’s FRIDAY OCTOBER 14th and I’M GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!! I’ll probably be getting legally married as you read this!! 👰 Now if you haven’t been keeping up with my blog posts then you may be slightly confused on how in the world I’m getting married today yet sending out my save the dates all at the same time!😆 I’d be confused too lol. My HUSBAND and I decided to get legally married on Friday, October  14 for a number of reason but primarily because the date just worked out perfectly for us. Plus, I LOVE OCTOBER SO MUCH and just the thought of celebrating our anniversary every year in October just gives me all the fuzzies! 💘 So, why not have our entire Indian 18 day insanity of a celebration this October too? Well, turns out my gorgeous sister is rather large and preggo 😂 and she is due NEXT WEEK so there was just no way we could have the wedding/celebration this soon but that wasn’t going to stop us from getting legally married!! SO! Long story short, we got married and our INDIAN 18 day event will be next year actually, on April Fool’s! 😉 That’s exactly a year from when Ajeet proposed to me!

Speaking of the wedding date, I’m so freaking excited that I recently got my save the dates in the mail!!! I posted it on Snapchat (itsmeNeets) and Insta Story a week ago but oh my goodness I just HAD to do an entire blog post dedicated to these save the dates. I really just want to start out by thanking Wedding Paper Divas (c/o) for being so incredibly amazing through this stressful month! They have been so easy to work with and produced exactly what I wanted for my save the dates without question or hesitation. From the color detail to the quality of the card, everything is amazing! I’ve seen my fair share of save the dates and I do love most of them but none of them really defined me. I LOVE the rose gold and cashmere pink combo on the card and YES, Ajeet was totally fine with it! ☺️ I wanted the back of the card to contrast with the writing on the front (totally customized) and the color came out perfectly. The one I got is part of their foil-stamped collection which I think really makes the card elegant and classy. Oh and just so you know, you most definitely can customize the font, color, and wording layout on these cards too to make it personable and everything you could have ever imagined your save the date to be!

I want to quickly talk about the envelopes because they might just be my favorite part about these cards!! Crazy, right?! Like, who gets obsessed with the envelopes? Wedding Paper Divas offers customizable envelopes that are just darling. I had mine customized to have the cashmere pink “Save the Date” text run all across one side (in an absolutely beautiful font) and then I just adore the front of the envelope!!! It has “The Future Mr. & Mrs Mann” and I died. DIED. 💓 I really don’t know what I like more, the card itself or the envelope. Or I’m just equally obsessed with both I’m not sure all I know it is all perfect. Seriously, if you’re newly engaged I’d highly recommend checking out Wedding Paper Divas for your stationery needs! If you’re interested in mine specifically, the card itself is called Gorgeous Gleam and the envelope is called Elegant Date!

P.S. I also ordered a few magnets for immediate family. I had it customized to look exactly like my cards itself and needless to say, they turned out perfectly!

Anyway, this officially wraps up my first blog post as a married woman and I’m glad to have shared this moment with Wedding Paper Divas! 💓 We are now off to a mini little vacay, somewhere cold and cozy! ☺️ Follow me on Snapchat to get all the deets!! Chat soon! 💋

Officially Married & Got My Save The Dates

Officially Married & Got My Save The Dates

Officially Married & Got My Save The Dates

Officially Married & Got My Save The Dates

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