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LA in a Nutshell

Shoes: Target | Bag: Nordstrom | Hat: Nordstrom | Fitness Band: Fitbit

Happy Friday y’all! I finally found some time this week to write about my LA trip last weekend!! My fiancé and I were SO READY to get out of Texas for a bit. We both just finished up exams THURSDAY NIGHT and flew out to LA Friday morning 😂 To be honest though, we booked this flight for only one reason only. Apparently, Kaskade (which is my boo’s fav DJ) was playing at the LA Convention Center and man oh man there was no way we could miss it!! He asked me if it was feasible to go and even though I personally am not the biggest fan of dance music, I couldn’t say no! Quick trip to Cali? YES PLEASE.


DSC_2396 (1)-3


DSC_2409-2Flannel Top: Abercrombie | Shorts: Abercrombie | Bag: Nordstrom | Sneakers: Adidas

We got to LA and went straight to Hollywood 🙆 We stopped for brunch at a restaurant called ‘BLD’ and IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. I tried to be healthy and got myself a salad but the fiancé got the best french toast I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. Yes, I had a few bites. How could I not?!?! SO GOOD. We then just walked around enjoying the beautiful, colorful homes that surrounded us. It really made us think…maybe this should be our next move? 😉 Seriously though, everything there was unique and I loved every bit of it! We went to LACMA to take some cool shots of the urban lights. If you ever go to LA, YOU HAVE TO GO SEE THIS. We didn’t have time to catch this at night but it was so beautiful in the day too! After exploring a bit we drove to our awesome apartment near Santa Monica Pier. It was in such a great location – a few blocks from the beach and in the heart of all of the wonderful restaurants that Santa Monica had to offer! We strolled around Santa Monica, taking in all the feels, and eventually stopped for dinner at a small Italian place called ‘Fritto Misto’. Such a cute little diner with the most AMAZING RAVIOLI. SO YUM!!

DSC_2508 (1)-2


DSC_2520-2Kimono: Target | Swim top: Target  | Bottom: Target

On Saturday we started our morning getting waffles at a brunch spot called ‘Bruxie’. I got a Nutella and banana sandwich 😋 I can seriously eat Nutella on anything. We then walked to the pier and enjoyed breathtaking views on the Ferris Wheel!! We also rode a roller coaster LOL. I had the best time but let’s just say my other half is a little scared of heights 😂😂 We cooled off a the beach and sunbathed for about 30min before we had to run and go get ready for our busy day ahead! We drove back to West Hollywood and visited the famous PINK WALL. I mean, there’s no way I couldn’t take a few shots for the blog here. I honestly felt right at home when we were doing a shoot there. There were so many other bloggers and inspiring individuals just doing unconventional things to make it in this world. It was so amazing to see 💗

IMG_1033Bag: J.Crew | Shorts: Abercrombie | Sandals: Target | Fitness Band: Fitbit | Top: Old (similar here and here)



We then stopped by to get a green juice at ‘Kreation’ and it’s honestly my favorite place IN THE FREAKING WORLD. Ok, maybe an exaggeration a little but I loved all the different juices that Kreation had to offer and they made even a juice with carrots taste so good!!! OBSESSED.


Finally, it was time for us to go to see Kaskade..ya know, the whole reason why we went to LA in the first place 😐 I have to admit, I wasn’t excited but I went in with an open mind because I could see how happy Ajeet was. Plus, he did go see Taylor Swift with me so lol. I had to. Anyway, much to my surprise, I actually had a really really good time. Kaskade put on a such a good show and his songs actually had WORDS in them!! Everything from the songs to the production was on point! 👌

As much as it breaks my heart to say, that marks the end of our LA trip. I honestly wish we had more time but I’ve already created a list of to-do’s for our next visit (which btw, will be SOON). I miss the palm trees way, way too much not to go back ASAP.

Anyway, that’s a wrap!! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. And of course, ALL OUTFIT DEETS can be found below!! 👛

Until next time, xo.


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