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I Don’t Shampoo Every Day, I Rinse!


Hello my loves and happy Monday! Today I’m so excited to share with you a hair product that I have been using for a few months now and have fallen madly in love with! The first time I ever heard of dpHUE was when I received a small travel sized bottle of their Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse (ACV) in my monthly Bless Box (it’s a subscription box by one of my favorite bloggers!). I’ve been using that sample bottle for so long to the point where it’s now almost out and I was ready to get the full size bottle! You can imagine how excited I am now to collaborate with such an amazing brand and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

How To Use The ACV Hair Rinse:

  1. For starters, the Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse should be used as a substitute for your regular shampoo and conditioner.
    • I say this because the very first time I used it, I made the mistake of applying the product after using shampoo and conditioner and the results weren’t as apparent. After giving the product a whirl a second time (and using it the right way), I instantly noticed a huge difference in my hair!
  2. Make sure your hair is wet! Use the nozzle on the top of the bottle and create a few parts in your hair while applying the product to your scalp.
  3. Massage the product into your hair and scalp.
    • This is where you can genuinely FEEL all the icky product and dirt leaving your scalp and hair!
  4. Leave the product in your hair for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Rinse! 🙂
    • This is key!! You don’t want to have any leftover product in your hair at all so rinse rinse rinse!

I use the ACV Rinse about once (sometimes even twice) a week. I’m obsessed with how nourishing and purifying this product is– it really leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny and stronger. There’s a lot of reasons why I love this product and so here’s the run down as to why you need it!

The ACV Hair Rinse:

  • cleanses your hair without stripping natural oils
  • leaves your hair feeling CLEAN and super soft
  • is gluten-free, Vegan, and Cruelty-free (big one for me!)
  • is color-safe!! I dyed my hair black a few months back and this rinse has helped project my hair color!

You can literally feel all the gunk and bad buildup leaving your hair and scalp. No joke. It’s that good. Who wouldn’t want a rinse that removes the dirt, cleanses your hair leaving it shinier and softer than ever? Plus, it’s only $35 and you can get it at Sephora!!

One last thing I did want to mention is that there is a slight vinegar scent (I mean, it is called Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse after all) but it is very very minimal and does not linger after the rinse!

Alright my loves, that’s it for my holy grail hair product! I hope this post was helpful and if nothing else, at least introduced to you to dpHUE. I use the rinse and I actually have another travel sized bottle of their leave-in hair therapy which is AMAZING too. It acts as natural detangler and yes, just like the rinse it works like magic. I’d love to know if you are already using the ACV Rinse and how you like it or if you went out and just bought it for yourself! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!! 🙂

Thank you so much to dpHUE for partnering with Next With Nita on this post. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and reviews are my own. 💙


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  1. May 8, 2017 / 10:39 AM

    this product sounds amazing and i definitely need to check it out!

    cute & little

  2. May 8, 2017 / 2:39 PM

    Oh my goodness! I’ve never heard of this product but I need it. My hair is so dry from coloring but I’ve never been able to go without shampooing daily. Thanks for sharing! Katey

  3. May 8, 2017 / 3:13 PM

    I’ve not heard of this before! But it sounds like something I need to look into though!

  4. May 8, 2017 / 4:07 PM

    I’ve never tried this before but maybe I need to!

  5. May 9, 2017 / 10:12 AM

    Whoa, I need to try this! I’ve been looking for something just like this!

  6. audreymadisonstowe
    May 9, 2017 / 1:25 PM

    This is so awesome!!! I need to try!

  7. May 9, 2017 / 4:31 PM

    My sister has always sworn by apple cider vinegar rinses. I used to think it sounded so bizarre, but I remember feeling her hair after she did the treatment one time and being so amazed! Sadly, I’m allergic to apples, so I can’t use it on myself, but I do suggest it for my boyfriend every once in a while since he has an oily scalp. It brings out the best shine!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  8. May 9, 2017 / 7:49 PM

    Hmmmm I’ve always wanted to try this but I was worried about the vinegar smell. But since you mentioned it’s pretty faint I’ll probably should check it out.

  9. Sandy a la Mode
    May 10, 2017 / 12:43 PM

    Okay this sounds AMAZING! I need to try this, it sounds like it’s so amazing for your hair!

  10. May 10, 2017 / 4:06 PM

    I have actually heard great things about this product. I really need to try it out because your hair is absolutely gorgeous! Have a lovely week!

  11. tristandennington
    May 12, 2017 / 10:19 AM

    Your hair is stunning, girl! Shampoo can definitely be damaging. I need to try this rinse!


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