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Frosty for the Holidays + Fostering

Skirt: Urban Outfitters | Top: Old (similar here, here and here) | Shoes: DSW

Late evening blog post? Sure why not! My schedule is all sorts of crazy these days and guess what?! I figured my life wasn’t busy enough so I decided to foster 2 dogs until they get adopted!!! Yup, that’s right!! I used to foster when I lived in Houston and I was waiting until I got settled a bit in our new apt to start fostering again. I saw on Facebook that there were several dogs needing a home a couple hours away. They have lived outside in 5×8 pen their entire lives! I commented and reached out to a rescue group and long story short, they are now in my apartment safe and warm! I’ll share pictures soon but they are both lab mixes named Rylie and Oakley! 🐶 Anyway, I’ll keep y’all posted with more fostering updates + pictures soon but for now, let’s talk about a perfect holiday look, shall we?! ☺

Now I know dresses are most people’s go-to when it comes to a holiday look and I don’t blame them! It’s usually my go-to as well. However, this time I wanted to do something different. I found this skater frosty blue skirt (ok I don’t know if that’s what the color is actually called, but I like the word frosty) and I knew the shiny satin feel was enough to create such a cozy holiday look! I love that it’s a high-rise too! I made sure to wear lace-up heels (the perfect ones might I add) to give off a feminine vibe. 👧 I would definitely recommend wearing this skirt with a top that adds a little sass! I wore a long sleeve black shirt but I knew it couldn’t just be a regular under shirt. I had an old shirt with a conservative cutout that I knew would spice up my outfit! Since the skirt is plain with no design, a plain top simply won’t do – especially not for the holidays!! Find one with a cutout like mine or get a little festive and get one with sparkles!! 💖


Alright y’all, keep checking back on the blog as I’ll have TONS of new posts up this week with a lot more giveaways!!! 12 days of #Blogmas continues right here on itsmeNeets.com! Chat soon, loves! 💋


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