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last minute father’s day gift guide

Hey there procrastinators! I decided to commandeer the blog today to make a last minute Father’s Day gift guide for the lazy bones out there that couldn’t flood Etsy in time with custom carving requests for various wooden gifts. I…

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why I love that my wife is a girl boss

I will do whatever it takes to support my wife’s dream. I am so often told how amazing it is that we are in this together and how supportive I am. In return I always wonder, how can I not…

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a birthday post by ajeet

Hi guys! It’s your friendly neighborhood Ajeet with a fresh post telling y’all 10 things about me that most of you guys don’t know. It’s my birthday today so finally I can post whatever I want on here! Ok now…

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photographing a photograph pherfectly

Hey everyone! It’s your favorite neighborhood Ajeet! By popular request, I’m sneaking on here to write a post for some tips about how we take our photos. I’ll try to keep my tips as original as I can since I…

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the beginning of our love story

Hi kids! It’s your friendly neighborhood proverbial, Ajeet. I’m super secretly writing a guest post here for Valentine’s Day talking about how Nita and I became Nita and Ajeet. It was a long time coming and involved a lot of…

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